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Sunday, January 27 2008

Jonny Greenwood: There Will Be Blood

There is only the stultifying loneliness, sadness, and occasionally the twistedness of the film to be found in its music.

Joe Jackson: Rain

The eclectic pianist/songwriter delivers a treat -- ten perfectly crafted pop songs that recall his best work or maybe are his best work.

Saturday, January 26 2008

The Wire

In David Simon's indictment of American capitalism, numbers -- say, crime stats and school test scores -- no longer have an epistemic value, they don't refer to any external reality.

Sunday, January 20 2008

Black Mountain: In the Future

In the Future is an expansive statement of an album, full of big guitars and cold space, a variety of sounds and a hard-earned and ever-present brilliance.

Sunday, January 13 2008

The Magnetic Fields: Distortion

Distortion is a game, a question, a provocation, a distortion, a fable, a fake, and a collection of pop songs.

Koop: Koop Islands

Freed from the constraints of genre boundaries, the Swedish duo has crafted this convergence of electronic pop and jazz that sounds as utterly natural as it does unusual. An overlooked treasure, for sure.

Monday, January 7 2008

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly by Jean-Dominique Bauby

Economical and considered out of necessity, this is so meticulously crafted that there isn’t a wasted passage or a superfluous phrase.

Friday, January 4 2008

There Will Be Blood

Land, oil, blood. There will be lots of all in Paul Thomas Anderson's stunning new movie.

Thursday, December 20 2007

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Sweeney Todd is delirious with blood and violence: bright red spurting from the barber's expert slashes, necks snapping and bodies crumpling.

Thursday, December 13 2007

Chris Potter Underground: Follow the Red Line

A fired-up quartet of architectural jazz-funk fills the legendary jazz basement with sonic silver.

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