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Tuesday, April 3 2007

Nobody Likes a Quitter

Giving up cigarettes – an odyssey of shame, debasement and despair.

Sunday, March 4 2007

Send/Receive: The Instantly Regretted E-Mail

You know that sick feeling you get when fire off a toxic reply, hit the “send” button, and find yourself peering into the Dark Side of instant global electronic communication?

Monday, January 29 2007

Gadgets Gone Wild

The introduction of Apple’s new iPhone prompts a review of that enduring cultural artifact known as The Gizmo.

Wednesday, January 3 2007

If You Can’t Say Something Nice…

Our resident wit offers up the excerpts and highlights from the best celebrity roasts in 2006.

Monday, November 27 2006

The Situational Ethicist

In which our resident ethical expert contends: Ethics may complicate, but absolute ethics complicate absolutely.

Sunday, October 29 2006

Kids’ TV: A Vast Stygian Wasteland

Kinder, gentler, and thoroughly creepy, today’s children’s television is no match for the classics.

Tuesday, October 3 2006

When Harry Googled Sally

A terrifying glimpse of what can happen when modern technology meets Happily Ever After.

Monday, September 4 2006

Discovery: Internet!

Join our guide on a tour of the Internet, where stealthy sexual predators, docile digerati, pathetic loners, and vast, roaming herds of the dangerously overinformed roam freely in their habitat.

Wednesday, August 9 2006

The Lighter Side of Artificial Intelligence

The scary-smart 20Q AI project asks: Animal, vegetable, mineral or legendary '70s rock star?

Monday, June 26 2006

Snakes, Planes and the Triumph of Ironic Appreciation

Does the Snakes on a Plane phenomenon signal the End of Days in Hollywood?

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