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Calvert - “Spring” (video) (premiere)

In case you needed more sublime Scandinavian pop -- and who doesn't? -- Norwegian artist Calvert has you set.

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Poi Dog Pondering - ‘Everybody’s Got a Star’ (album stream) (premiere)

The electric veteran band return with their eighth studio album.

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Darlingside - ‘Birds Say’ (album stream) (premiere)

The Cambridge, Massachusetts indie folk band make a huge impression on their new album.

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Spires, ‘Spires’ (EP stream) (premiere)

The new EP by the New York indie band is a derivative yet promising debut.

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KINSEY - ‘My Loneliest Debut’ (album stream) (premiere)

Fans of the New Pornographers and Destroyer will gravitate to this similarly eccentric and charming new album.

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John Lemke - “The Unwinding” (audio) (premiere)

Yet another case of adversity breeding phenomenal music.

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The Yin Yangs - ‘Taste’ (album stream) (premiere)

Real-time intensity can be tricky to package, but the band’s new Time Castle Tapes release, Taste, has the pacing and magnetism of an ideal live set.

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Twin Lords - “Stoned Cutter” (audio) (premiere)

The sludge/noise band takes things into particularly dark territory on their punishing new track.

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ArtPeace - “Hi:)” (video) (premiere)

The "Folk&B" duo shine a (UV) light on releationships in their new video.

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Brian Carpenter and the Confessions - “Savior of Love” (audio) (premiere)

The veteran musician delivers a stunning piece of dark Americana on his new track.

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Danielle Parente - “Wicked Game” (audio) (premiere)

The classic Chris Isaak track is given a sumptuous electronic interpretation.

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GOLD - “Shapeless” (audio) (premiere)

The Dutch upstarts tweak their sound -- and image -- with stirring results.

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Boroughs - “Keep It Up” (audio) (premiere)

Light, airy, and warm. Kind of like where this band is from.

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Gang Signs - “Tonight” (video) (premiere)

The Vancouver band loves life in their new video.

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Conrad Kira - ‘Rictus’ (EP stream) (premiere)

The self-proclaimed outsider comes through with a throttling, poetic new EP.

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Story of the Running Wolf - ‘Electric’ (EP stream) (premiere)

If you want garish '80s-inspired synthpop, this EP hits you like an explosion of silly string and glitter glue.

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The Fratellis - “Desperate Guy” (video) (premiere)

Just like the song, the Scottish band keep things beautifully simple on their new video.

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We Hunt Buffalo - “Comatose” (audio) (premiere)

According to the trio, rock isn't dead. Not by a long shot.

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Dralms - “Shook” (audio) (premiere)

Dub meets somber indie rock on this murky new track by the Vancouver band.

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Midas Fall - ‘The Menagerie Inside’ (album stream) (premiere)

The UK band creates a spellbinding blend of post-rock, progressive rock, and goth on their new full-length.

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