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Late Night Episode - “Golden Age (Acoustic)” (video) (premiere)

A shimmering pop-rock anthem about keeping on the sunny side, recorded in the streets of NYC.

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Dan Miraldi - ‘Love Under Fire’ (audio) (premiere)

Dan Miraldi offers up rock 'n' roll protest anthems made for the modern world.

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NØMADS - “Autophøbia” (video) (premiere)

If the only thing we have to fear is fear itself, what happens when we're all alone with our fears, forever?

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Gabrielle Papillon - “Keep the Fire” (audio) (premiere)

Gabrielle Papillon continues to be one of today's best singer/songwriters with this title track from her upcoming sixth studio LP.

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Wanderwild - “Dreams” (audio) (premiere)

On "Dreams", Wanderwild delivers rollicking, ethereal indie rock that was written in a single night.

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Shining Mirrors - “Cardiac” (audio) (premiere)

Brooklyn's dark garage trio Shining Mirrors offer taste of new EP, out November 3.

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Trevor Hall - “What I Know” (audio) (premiere)

When we let go of the answers and the analysis, joy can find its way through. So says Trevor Hall via this brand-new song.

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Doralice - “Vespertina” (audio) (premiere)

Charming gypsy jazz with influences from Spain and the Balkans.

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Howie Payne - “Some Believer, Sweet Dreamer” (audio) (premiere)

Slow-burning and seductive retro rock inspired by the greats.

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Squalus - ‘The Great Fish’ (album stream) (premiere) + Interview

Former members of Giant Squid issue Jaws-inspired debut. You're gonna need a bigger music player.

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Ryan Keberle and Catharsis -“Fool on a Hill” (video) (premiere)

Ryan Keberle and Catharsis stretch out their jazz wings to record a take on the Beatles' "The Fool on the Hill".

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Becca Richardson - “Wanted” (video) (premiere)

Becca Richardson's new song is an ethereal dreamscape of electropop and blues that fades the lines between surrealism, symbolism, and what is real.

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The Artisanals - “Not Giving Up/Pound the Rock” (audio) (premiere)

The Artisanals craft hooky, personal rock that's an equal mix of indie and classic rock.

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Iris Lune - “Paper Mache” (audio) (premiere)

Iris Lune converses with inner demons on this captivating electronic track.

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The Living - “Hot Breath” (audio) (premiere)

San Francisco's the Living prep promising debut album, display prog, shoegaze and metal roots on a new track.

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The Safes - ‘Tasty Waves’ (album stream) (premiere)

Tasty Waves reveals the most infectious corners of The Safes' muscular pop.

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Broken Bellows - “In the Deep” (video) (premiere)

Ethereal electropop melds with pop punk sentiment on Broken Bellows' "In the Deep".

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Antwood - ‘Sponsored Content’ (album stream) (premiere) (interview)

Antwood returns with his second Planet Mu album and it's a brilliant, experimental one bursting with ideas. Tristan Douglas gives us a track-by-track of the record as well.

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Arrica Rose & the ...‘s - ‘Low as the Moon’ (album stream) (premiere)

Folk-poppers Arrica Rose & the ...'s return with a positive message of optimism on their latest album releasing Friday.

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Thorp Jenson - “All We Have Is Time” (audio) (premiere)

Thorp Jenson self-produces "dark rock and roll" on the latest single from his debut album, Odessa.

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