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Wednesday, July 21 2010

Hip-Hop Storytellers: The Vignette

"That story is over, but my rhyme ain't done." Vignettes are important tools in hip-hop's rich and plentiful storytelling tradition.

Wednesday, April 14 2010

The Revival: A Declaration for Female Emcees

Hip-hop needs a women's movement ala Seneca Falls. The Declaration of Sentiments used the Declaration of Independence as its structural model (in hip-hop we call that "sampling").

Tuesday, April 28 2009

Summer of Same: July 2009

In a rare attempt at novelty, July jets along with only Harry Potter and the Ice Age crew sampling continuing series spoils. The rest provide unknown pleasures.

Friday, October 17 2008

The Secret Life of Bees

May's wailing wall appears repeatedly in Gina Prince-Blythewood's The Secret Life of Bees, each time an invitation to reflect, to remember what was and hope for what might be.

Sunday, October 12 2008

The Secret Life of Bees

What could have been a brave film turned out lukewarm, lost in its own self-importance, stripped of its feminist overtones and watered down for mass consumption.

Tuesday, September 9 2008

Talk, Talk, Talk: October 2008

What studio suit thought this was a good idea? With four months to schedule your high priced efforts, you instead unload almost 30 overpriced pictures on an unsuspecting movie audience.

Thursday, August 28 2008

What Happens in Vegas

As the saying (sort of) goes, what happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas -- so, too with this film.

Friday, May 9 2008

What Happens in Vegas

In What Happens in Vegas, Joy and Jack are fated to fall in lazy-movie-love.

Sunday, April 27 2008

The Return of the Popcorn Circus: May 2008

In the first act of this four-part production, Tinsel Town decides to do some unbelievable front loading. Will there be room for independent offerings, or former HBO carnal comedy divas? Who knows? Without a doubt, it's an interesting way to start the season.

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