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26 Oct 2010 // 10:00 PM

Röyksopp: Senior

Senior isn't a terrible record, but neither is it a great one. If there was ever a B-sides collection masquerading as a studio album, then this is it.

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Chateau Marmont remixes the latest single from Röyksopp’s latest album Junior. Dan Raper said of Junior: “The Norwegian duo seems determined to be

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22 Mar 2009 // 10:00 PM

Röyksopp: Junior

The Norwegian duo's third album is arguably its best yet.

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Röyksopp: Röyksopp’s Night Out

A Live EP from Norwegian duo that adds nothing to their canon but a Queens of the Stone Age cover.

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	Röyksopp: The Understanding

The Understanding definitely shows the growth of a young group and the innovation that Röyksopp have been experimenting with since their 2004 debut, but they haven't yet reached the height of their potential.

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2 Apr 2003 // 1:00 AM

We get a lot of good shows here in New York City, but this is not without a downside. Just to get into the venue,

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19 Dec 2002 // 11:00 PM

Röyksopp: Melody A.M.

Aside from the obvious comparisons to Air, or any other European down-tempo impresario, they wear their affection for pure pop sound producing on their parkas.

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//Mixed media

I Don't Get 'Pokémon Go'

// Moving Pixels

"I’ve never felt more out of touch.

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