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26 Oct 2010 // 9:00 PM

Röyksopp: Senior

Senior isn't a terrible record, but neither is it a great one. If there was ever a B-sides collection masquerading as a studio album, then this is it.

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Chateau Marmont remixes the latest single from Röyksopp’s latest album Junior. Dan Raper said of Junior: “The Norwegian duo seems determined to be

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22 Mar 2009 // 9:00 PM

Röyksopp: Junior

The Norwegian duo's third album is arguably its best yet.

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Röyksopp: Röyksopp’s Night Out

A Live EP from Norwegian duo that adds nothing to their canon but a Queens of the Stone Age cover.

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	Röyksopp: The Understanding

The Understanding definitely shows the growth of a young group and the innovation that Röyksopp have been experimenting with since their 2004 debut, but they haven't yet reached the height of their potential.

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2 Apr 2003 // 12:00 AM

We get a lot of good shows here in New York City, but this is not without a downside. Just to get into the venue,

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19 Dec 2002 // 10:00 PM

Röyksopp: Melody A.M.

Aside from the obvious comparisons to Air, or any other European down-tempo impresario, they wear their affection for pure pop sound producing on their parkas.

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Is Black Widow Still a Hero? Dissecting the Misogynistic Outrage Against the Avengers

// Short Ends and Leader

"Black Widow may very well be the pinnacle of the modern action heroine, so why is there so much backlash about her role in the new Avengers film?

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