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Monday, August 5 2013

HBO’s ‘Casting By’ Highlights Film’s Creative Rapports

"I don't like casting," says Woody Allen, in his version of how crucial he finds his longtime collaborator, casting director Juliet Taylor, "I don't like to meet people in any area."

Wednesday, October 19 2011

‘Jackie Brown’: Is a Love Story, a Heist Film, an Offbeat Crime Story Set to a Great Soundtrack

The intriguing combination of Elmore Leonard's voice with Tarantino's unique dialogue leads to his best film.

Friday, June 10 2011

Stratospheric Climbing in ‘Limitless’

In Alan Glynn's suspenseful novel, men and women toy with the possibility of chemically enhancing a person's brain power -- and chaos ensues.

Tuesday, April 21 2009

Robert De Niro’s film festival returns for eighth season

Wednesday, February 4 2009

Righteous Kill

This movie boasts a tired and generic script and achieves a weird sort of harmonic convergence of forgetablilty.

Monday, October 20 2008

What Just Happened

Less an expose than a recap of what even casual observers of the industry know or intuit, What Just Happened relies on clichés even as it deplores them.

Monday, October 13 2008

Cinema Qua Non - Indispensable DVDs: Part 2

Day Two - A demanding Decalogue overflowing with everything: from fascinating international fare, misbegotten masterworks, some out of the blue bafflers, and that seminal show about “nothing”.

Friday, September 12 2008

‘Righteous Kill’: Attacked on All Sides

Righteous Kill uses Karen (Carla Gugino) both to critique the male cops' sense of self-righteousness and be the victim.

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