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Monday, August 5 2013

HBO’s ‘Casting By’ Highlights Film’s Creative Rapports

"I don't like casting," says Woody Allen, in his version of how crucial he finds his longtime collaborator, casting director Juliet Taylor, "I don't like to meet people in any area."

Tuesday, August 16 2011

‘The Conspirator’ story is part of a larger debate

Wednesday, April 13 2011

Civil War film ‘Conspirator’ aims at truth

Thursday, January 20 2011

Saint Fonda in the Backyard: The Iconic Jane Works It Out

Golden Age Hollywood scion, feminist activist, and general all-around bad-ass Jane Fonda is back, and this time out, she is hitting the campaign trail on behalf of the health of boomers and senior citizens. Fonda keeps Mazur on task and on his toes during this exclusive interview, preferring to focus on fitness rather than feminism or cinema.

Wednesday, January 2 2008

Iraq War-themed films can’t find an audience

Lions for Lambs

Though Lions barely considers the soldiers' choices, it's clear they've been egregiously misinformed, turned into terms in someone else's argument.

Tuesday, June 5 2007

Kids’ DVDs: June 2007

Given that babies and young children love nothing more than repetition, repetition, and... um.... repetition, I can't understand why even the pointiest of heads would think children between the ages of six months and three years could possible need 23 different Baby Einstein DVDs.

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