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Blackie and the Rodeo Kings: Kings and Queens

Kings and Queens is a collection just bursting to the seams with pure talent, and is the group's most ambitious statement to date.

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Verse-Chorus-Verse: An Interview with Rosanne Cash

Artist/Producer PC Muñoz mines for gems and grills the greats, five questions at a time.

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18 Sep 2009 // 2:00 AM

The daughter of a legend was also a successful singer in her own right.

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Spectacle: Elvis Costello with Cash, Jones, Kristofferson, and Mellencamp (Episode 8)

On tonight’s episode of Spectacle: Elvis Costello With… (airing Wednesdays at 9pm EST/PST on the Sundance Channel), Costello brings together Rosanne Cash, Norah

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4 Dec 2006 // 8:16 AM

Browse through the luminous reviews of Rosanne Cash’s recent album, “Black Cadillac,” and you might suppose the music was a memorial. And, in part,

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30 Jan 2006 // 11:00 PM

Rosanne Cash: Black Cadillac

Confronting personal loss using public legacy, Rosanne has the last and most affecting word in a year filled with Cash legends.

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	Rosanne Cash: Seven Year Ache / King’s Record Shop / Interiors / The Very Best of Rosanne Cash

Rosanne Cash has always had a looming shadow over her career in that her daddy was Johnny.

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16 Apr 2003 // 10:00 PM

	Rosanne Cash: Rules of Travel

It’s hard to believe this voice comes from the same genetics that produced the rough-hewn vocals of country legend Johnny Cash. It’s equally

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//Mixed media

In Motion: On the Emptiness of Progress

// Moving Pixels

"Nils Pihl calls it, "Newtonian engagement", that is, when "an engaged player will remain engaged until acted upon by an outside force". That's "progress".

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