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When it comes to matters of taste and ranking (a particularly combustible combination), there is no pleasing everyone. In fact, there is no pleasing anyone, since the list makers themselves are invariably disappointed or frustrated. And yet...

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Santana: 9 July 2010 - Illinois

Packing the First Midwest Bank Amphitheater to capacity, the legendary Carlos Santana met expectations once again with another set filled with infectious energy.

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19 Jun 2008 // 11:00 PM


The concept of being the change the world so desperately needs is one that Carlos returns to throughout the evening. Some musicians are afraid to get political, but not Carlos -- he seems to feel as if his success gives him a responsibility to speak out.

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Santana: Multi-Dimensional Warrior

A two-disc anthology spanning Santana's years at Columbia, Polydor, and Arista, providing a peek into the spiritual side of one of music's most revered innovators.

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Santana: Santana III (Legacy Edition)

Vintage, high-energy, Latino psych-jazz-rock still sounds good 35 years on. Now, how do you suppose percussionist Thomas "Coke" Escovedo got his nickname?

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23 Jan 2003 // 11:00 PM

	Santana: The Essential Santana

Springing from the tail end of the psychedelic rock scene in San Francisco during the late ‘60s, Santana has invented itself several times over and

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        Santana: The Best of Santana: Volume 2

In view of Carlos Santana’s Grammy heist with Supernatural (1999), it’s not surprising that his former label (Columbia) should have scurried to put out

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//Mixed media

'Knee Deep' Has a Great Setting That Ruins the Game

// Moving Pixels

"Knee Deep's elaborate stage isn't meant to convey a sense of spatial reality, it's really just a mechanism for cool scene transitions. And boy are they cool.

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