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Hard Work: An Interview With Shout Out Louds

While roaming the streets of Stockholm, Shout Out Louds’ Adam Olenius talks about their new album Work, the effort the band put into it and their passionate new producer, as well as their views on television performances and the Olympics.

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Shout Out Louds Work (Merge) Releasing: 23 February “Walls” is the perfect song for an anthem or a movie soundtrack or for making taking the bus

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30 Oct 2007 // 4:43 AM

No Cure for Swedish rockers Shout Out Louds

The Shout Out Louds’ Ted Malmros says the American stereotype of Swedish rockers is pretty accurate. “Pretty silent, serious - maybe the blond girl thing

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10 Sep 2007 // 10:42 PM

Shout Out Louds: Our Ill Wills

This sophomore album from the Swedish indie pop group was produced by Bjorn of Peter, Bjorn and John fame.

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Shout Out Louds: Tonight I Have to Leave It EP

Lead single from the band's new album, Our Ill Wills, shows them taking a decidedly more lush turn on their brand of pop, with very strong results.

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	Shout Out Louds: Howl Howl Gaff Gaff

The Shout Out Louds will break your heart and put it back together again with a potent mix of garage, pop, and wide-eyed wonder.

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'Doctor Who': Casting a Woman as the Doctor Offers Fresh Perspectives and a New Kind of Role Model

// Channel Surfing

"The BBC's announcement of Jodie Whittaker as the first female Doctor has sections of fandom up in arms. Why all the fuss?

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