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Thursday, August 4 2011

The Story of a Woman on the Morning of a War

Shrapnel: Aristeia Rising is a rich and complex work teasing out the personal price paid by soldiers set on the stage of grand ideological battles for liberty and against the backdrop of deep drama of military tactics. There couldn't be a better choice than Hilary Swank for the just-announced upcoming movie.

Tuesday, July 5 2011

Discover a Hero in ‘Cedar Rapids’

What's at first blush a light-hearted comedy is actually a much more profound tale.

Sunday, March 6 2011

“Alien Resurrection”, the Unproduced Script That Shaped Joss Whedon’s Career

Prior to gaining fame as one of the foremost pop cultural creators, Joss Whedon gained fame within the film industry as a screenwriter and script doctor. But of these early efforts, it was his script for Alien Resurrection that contained themes that dominated much of his later work.

Thursday, January 15 2009

The New Classics - The 30 Best Films of 2008

Unlike previous years, where classics came crawling out of the celluloid woodwork with regular reckless abandon, 2008 was more calm… and considered. That's not to say that choosing 30 top titles was hard. The difficulty in placing them in some manner of rank order suggests the actual depth of quality involved.

Monday, January 12 2009

Off the Radar - The Top 30 DVDs of 2008

Oddly enough, while the major studios continue scratching their heads over how to sell yet another new format (Blu-ray) to disinterested consumers, several outside distributors made sure that this would be a digital year to remember.

Thursday, January 8 2009


The first half hour of Wall-E is a lyrical, magical achievement in filmmaking, which if it ended there, would make the movie an undisputed classic.

Sunday, July 20 2008

Vantage Point

It’s almost rather brilliant the way the film betrays and sabotages itself as it comes down the home stretch.

Monday, June 30 2008

Robot Holocaust

In the second half of our Disney discussion, the way in which the dystopian world of WALL*E was sold to a susceptible public is dissected.

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