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8 Sep 2008 // 9:56 PM

Soltero: You’re No Dream

You’re No Dream actually does carry some of the atmosphere associated with dreams: a strangeness both pretty and mysterious.

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	Soltero: The Tongues You Have Tied

Imagine if you will, Ray Davies taking leave of the dreary London winter in exchange for a secluded log cabin in the snowy American Northeast.

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	Soltero: Defrocked and Kicking the Habit

Through the course of the eleven songs on Defrocked And Kicking The Habit, Soltero’s Tim Howard sets out to establish his place as the

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31 Dec 1994 // 10:03 PM

	Soltero: Science Will Figure You Out

As the name might suggest (Spanish for “single”), Soltero definitely feels like a one-man project. Despite the list of musicians that played on Science Will

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//Mixed media

Stone Dead: Murder and Myth in 'Medousa'

// Short Ends and Leader

"A wry tale which takes in Greek mythology, punk rock and influences of American suspense-drama, this is an effective and curious thriller about myth and obsession.

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