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10 Feb 2017 // 4:00 AM

On Wandering the Paths of a Spotify Analyst’s Mad Music Map

Every Noise's curious constellation will fascinate even the casual listener, but its data madness is a puzzle.

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CONTEST: Spotify Creates Exciting Interactive Site Highlighting the Year in Music

Spotify has created Year in Music showing the highlights of the year in music and they offer up an exclusive contest for PopMatters readers.

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5 Oct 2015 // 11:23 AM

Jimmy Iovine in Spotlight As Apple Music’s Free Trial Ends

Iovine contends that Apple Music has just begun its march. The important thing, he says, is not to defeat Spotify but to expand the audience for streaming music services by coming up with a better product.

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Blood and Thunder: Battles, Blades, Brotherhood

One of Canada's greatest metal bands of the past 25 years, 3 Inches of Blood, recently bid farewell over Facebook. Fortunately, the legacy they've left is a fine one.

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22 May 2015 // 9:10 AM

Why It’s Time to Stop Hating Spotify

An independent artist opens up about how much he’s earned from Spotify, what it means to his band, and why listeners should feel good about the shift to streaming consumption.

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Pop Unmuted 6: Listening to the Internet and Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk”

On Episode Six of Pop Unmuted, we discuss the effects of online music streaming and the postmodernism of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars's "Uptown Funk".

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Stream of (Music) Consciousness

The 'Marshall McLuhan' message borne by the MP3 revolution is clear: music is endlessly plentiful and entirely disposable. So what's the message of streaming?

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All That Turns to Gold: The Post-Punk Alchemy of My Gold Mask!

Chicago's artfully embellished trio My Gold Mask deliver style, panache, and otherworldy grooves with eerie ease.

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The Future of Music Looks Like a Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland

I can just imagine some kind of electromagnetic pulse taking out all of the world's computers, leaving us with little more than the Ferrante and Teicher albums that litter every thrift store in the country.

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4 Aug 2011 // 6:30 AM

Spotify delivers the future of music now

LOS ANGELES — On a recent afternoon while driving down Beverly Boulevard, I had 15 million songs sitting in the little tray between the driver and passenger

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15 Apr 2011 // 4:58 AM

Spotify alters its streaming rules to limit free music

LOS ANGELES — For the lucky few in the U.S. who have access to Spotify’s digital music service, unlimited free play will soon be

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O Great Spotify, Where Are You?

Spotify continues to make U.S. users hold out for a future that hasn’t arrived... yet.

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24 Mar 2010 // 3:48 AM

Spotify music stream works to woo skeptical labels

LOS ANGELES — The last time a young entrepreneur executed his promise to revolutionize music with computer software, the industry sued him for billions of dollars.

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18 Mar 2010 // 7:00 AM

AUSTIN, Texas — Some trend-spotters point to Daniel Ek, a 26-year-old Swedish technology entrepreneur, as the music industry’s next Steve Jobs or Shawn Fanning. Little

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//Mixed media


"No Dollars in Duende": On Making Uncompromising, Spirited Music

// Sound Affects

"On the elusive yet clearly existential sadness that adds layers and textures to music.

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