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Gladshot - “Simulation” (audio) (premiere)

Spacey alt-rock that is inspired by "the hologram universe and casinos".

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Jean Caffeine - “Winter of Hate” (video) (premiere)

Peripatetic musician Jean Caffeine has worked in punk, rock, and alternative country during her fruitful career and now she shares a new video about the last Sex Pistols gig ever.

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OxenFree - “Machine” (audio) (premiere)

Brooklyn outfit OxenFree rages against the machine on their latest, tuneful single, “Machine”.

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Lone Kodiak - “Smile” (audio) (premiere)

Lone Kodiak's "Smile" is an emotional indie rocker with a progressive sound.

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21 Sep 2017 // 2:30 AM

The Horrors: V

The Horrors get their mojo back with songs to match the swagger.

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Dan Miraldi - ‘Love Under Fire’ (audio) (premiere)

Dan Miraldi offers up rock 'n' roll protest anthems made for the modern world.

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Luna: A Sentimental Education / A Place of Greater Safety

True to his predilections, Dean Wareham moves the band and song, in covers and instrumentals, and usually away from too much volume.

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NØMADS - “Autophøbia” (video) (premiere)

If the only thing we have to fear is fear itself, what happens when we're all alone with our fears, forever?

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Wanderwild - “Dreams” (audio) (premiere)

On "Dreams", Wanderwild delivers rollicking, ethereal indie rock that was written in a single night.

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Hundred Waters: Communicating

Hundred Waters' third album has many appealing parts, but a core that feels unstable or even nonexistent.

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Nothing But Thieves: Broken Machine

On Broken Machine, Nothing But Thieves have crafted a hook filled modern rock album that matches the ambition and intensity of any guitar band around today.

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Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton: Choir of the Mind

Emily Haines’ sophomore effort is a bold, if somewhat depressing, feminist statement.

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Shining Mirrors - “Cardiac” (audio) (premiere)

Brooklyn's dark garage trio Shining Mirrors offer taste of new EP, out November 3.

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Howie Payne - “Some Believer, Sweet Dreamer” (audio) (premiere)

Slow-burning and seductive retro rock inspired by the greats.

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13 Sep 2017 // 8:29 AM

Wild Cub: Closer

On Closer, Wild Cub emphasize their ear candy qualities on a collection of emotional arena anthems, but get caught following many of the clichés of modern indie rock.

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The Artisanals - “Not Giving Up/Pound the Rock” (audio) (premiere)

The Artisanals craft hooky, personal rock that's an equal mix of indie and classic rock.

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The Safes - ‘Tasty Waves’ (album stream) (premiere)

Tasty Waves reveals the most infectious corners of The Safes' muscular pop.

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Stop Light Observations - “Coyote” (audio) (premiere)

Underneath Stop Light Observations' utterly listenable electro-rock are heavy tales concerning the world around us.

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Kid Freud - “Shut Up & Kiss Me” (audio) (premiere)

Direct, thoughtful and filled with observations from love's weightier moments.

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The National: Sleep Well Beast

Sleep Well Beast, the National's best LP since Boxer, features some of the band's most raucous numbers to date, as well as a newfound use of electronics.

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