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5 Apr 2013 // 9:00 AM

A Thousand Frames: ‘Zayiat’

There's a sort of hypnotics at work in Deniz Tortum's Zayiat that hints at the core idea of the story while still keeping that essential kernel of je ne sais quoi intact.

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SXSW: The Good The Bad and The Ugly Fest

What once began as a regional music festival that invited people to sample a local artistic community has become a spring break bowel movement and a corporate invasion that leaves the city blanketed in a cindering Dresden of bad faith branding.

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Third Eye Blind Returns Recharged at SXSW

Stephan Jenkins and friends debut three new songs at Austin set and remind us all -- even the city of Austin's finest -- how powerful and beloved they can be.

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In Defense of Going to South By Southwest

Four days, six stories, one column, dozens of tweets and nearly 10,000 words later, I'm still wondering how we define success at SXSW.

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18 Mar 2013 // 9:00 AM

Hey Marseilles Soft-Rocks SXSW

If a dive bar, tiny stage, and light beer couldn't phase this Seattle septet, nothing could.

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SXSW Interactive: The Return of Outer Space

In a year where social media was an afterthought at SXSW, what really mattered? Space exploration, that's what.

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18 Mar 2013 // 6:51 AM

It’s a Wrap (Finally) for SXSW 2013

AUSTIN, Texas — Savages, a U.K. quartet that made new converts with each gig at the South by Southwest Music Conference, was in a particularly

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SXSW Music: Finding the Diamonds in the (Very) Rough

Although the big brands wouldn't have you know it, there's still lots of talented, indie bands littering the SXSW landscape. You just have to know where to look.

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Butch Walker: In Focus at SXSW

One of America's greatest songwriters has been one of the hardest working artists at South By Southwest this year. That commitment, however, shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who has followed his long and unpredictable career.

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SXSW Music: Hitting Up the Day Parties

The atmosphere at the Scratched Vinyl SHowcase was one steady thump of laidback head-nod while amazing emcees jumped in with the loving crowd, who rose halfway up to meet the performance.

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15 Mar 2013 // 12:49 PM

SXSW Music 2013 - Weekender

PopMatters highlights some of the remaining opportunities to catch artists who may be on the last legs of their SXSW gauntlet, or are expected to use SXSW as a springboard for shows this spring.

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Psychological Thriller ‘Holy Ghost People’ is the Perfect Fit for SXSW

Holy Ghost People takes viewers on a trip through a snake-handling church in the heart of the Appalachian mountains as a young woman attempts to discover what happened to her sister with the help of a downtrodden, alcoholic ex-Marine.

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SXSW Day 6 - Grading the Grand Jury Winners

Maybe the Academy could learn a thing or two from the good people at SXSW. They absolutely got one right when they chose Short Term 12 as the best of the fest (narrative category).

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15 Mar 2013 // 6:10 AM

SXSW 2013: Music, Not Tech, Powers South by Southwest Party

AUSTIN, Texas — During Vancouver rock duo Japandroids’ gig on Wednesday night at the South by Southwest music festival, singer-guitarist Brian King made a midset, cuss-laden

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Dave Grohl Gets Nostalgic in SXSW Keynote Address

As the featured speaker of this year's music festival, the Nirvana drummer, Foo Fighters lead singer reflects on what it took to get where he is today.

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SXSW Day 6: A Lot of Blood and a Little Love

A solid drama about juvenile reform facilities, a touching documentary from Mexico about love, a terrible Chilean film that demanded too much of its viewers: This was SXSW Film day six.

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‘Burma’ Proves to Be a SXSW Surprise

Carlos Puga's first feature-length film since The S1gnificance of Se7eventeen is a thoughtful family drama that invites contemplation and deserves praise for its excellent ensemble cast.

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SXSW Music: Doing Things the Old Fashioned Way

One writer dares to brave the new world of SXSW music without *gulp* proper credentials.

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14 Mar 2013 // 10:30 AM

SXSW Day 5: Docs Day + Paul Walker’s Fine Acting

That headline is not a typo. Tuesday, the fifth day of SXSW's film programming, found me doing a few things I usually do not: going to documentaries and being impressed with Paul Walker.

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