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The Helio Sequence: Keep Your Eyes Ahead

Fourth album from Portland duo launches cannonballs of anthemic weight from its indie sling.

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6 Mar 2008 // 9:00 PM

13ghosts The Lonely Death of Space Avenger [MP3] (from The Strangest Colored Lights releasing 18 March)       Beyond the Door [MP3]  

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29 Jun 2004 // 11:00 PM

	The Helio Sequence: Love and Distance

Portland-based band the Helio Sequence want their songs to be a lot of things—poppy, atmospheric, layered, complex—but most obviously, they want their sound

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8 Oct 2001 // 4:00 PM

	The Helio Sequence: Young Effectuals

Here’s my best case against the pompous crust that is known as Radiohead. I ask myself from time to time if people would actually

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31 Dec 1994 // 11:03 PM

	The Helio Sequence: Com Plex

In the ‘80s it was fashionable to compare any band that wasn’t metal to the Beatles. Even when they sounded more like Pink Floyd,

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//Mixed media


"No Dollars in Duende": On Making Uncompromising, Spirited Music

// Sound Affects

"On the elusive yet clearly existential sadness that adds layers and textures to music.

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