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The Ladybug Transistor: Clutching Stems

Clutching Stems is cohesive and enjoyable, but it also makes one wonder what could have been had the band decided to reach for the sky, as opposed to being content to just lounge about on the beach.

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The Ladybug Transistor: Cant Wait Another Day

It starts on a dusty road in Arizona and ends up tanned, penniless, and spent at a beachside bar just north of San Diego. In the process, it becomes the Ladybug Transistor's best work to date.

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9 Mar 2004 // 11:00 PM

	The Ladybug Transistor: self-titled

There are those voices that are, as even the most ardent fans will admit, acquired tastes. Leonard Cohen’s early reedy whine and his later

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31 Dec 1994 // 11:03 PM

        The Ladybug Transistor: Argyle Heir

Have you heard of the Ladybug Transistor? Their album The Albemarle Sound was named as one of the top 100 albums of 1999 by both WNYU 89.1 FM

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	The Ladybug Transistor, The Albemarle Sound

If it wasn’t already apparent from the wealth of great pop albums in 1998, the early output in 1999 makes the case that we are in

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Stevie Wonder Takes a Knee as Green Day and Others Also Speak Out at Global Citizen Festival

// Notes from the Road

"The 2017 Global Citizen Festival's message for social action was amplified by Stevie Wonder and many other incredible performers and notable guests.

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