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Gasoline Lollipops - “Soul Mine” (audio) (premiere)

Gasoline Lollipops continue to innovate by melding folk sentiment with punk provocation.

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Richie & Rosie - “Glory in the Meeting House” (video) (premiere)

Richie & Rosie continue their ascent with this torrid cover of an Appalachian classic.

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Gill Landry - “Denver Girls” (video) (premiere)

Gill Landry's new solo work is impressive and evokes the wide open spaces and lost highways of the American West.

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The Get Ahead - “Mind Is a Mountain” (video) (premiere)

"Mind is a Mountain" is an inspiring track of togetherness and perseverance from rising Americana quintet, the Get Ahead.

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Kris Delmhorst - “All the Way Around” (video) (premiere)

Kris Delmhorst produces a darkly and captivating Americana soundscape as she searches for a lost spark.

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Avi Jacob - “New England” (audio) (premiere)

Avi Jacob weaves a story of heartbreak and traveling home in this cozy, gospel-tinged Americana tune.

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Gestures & Sounds - “The Last Day” (video) (premiere)

Picturesque views of Yosemite are given a soundtrack courtesy of this infectiously cozy indie folk tune from Gestures & Sounds.

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Darling West - “Traveller” (video) (premiere)

Layered, harmonic, and adventuresome music from the rising Nordic Americana band Darling West.

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Brother Roy - “Heartbreaker” (video) (premiere)

Brother Roy's new single "Heartbreaker" is lively and soulful rock 'n' roll with a retro lens.

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Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams: Contraband Love

The truest Americana doesn’t just convey sound; it captures feeling. On their sophomore release, Campbell and Williams prove themselves masters of the form in the fullest sense.

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Hope Is Big: An Interview with Deer Tick

A long break for the band yielded not one but two albums: one all-acoustic and one all-electric. Deer Tick are back, baby.

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Amber Cross - “Trinity Gold Mine” (video) (premiere)

Amber Cross fills the boots of an old friend in this reflective Americana tale "Trinity Gold Mine".

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Chamomile & Whiskey - “Nelson County” (video) (premiere)

This feel-good, down-home Americana tune has a music video to match.

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The Roseline - ‘Blood’ (album stream) (premiere)

Melancholic, windswept Americana exploring the various stages of a monogamous relationship.

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Jeffrey Martin - “One Go Around” (audio) (premiere)

Jeffrey Martin creates moving folk tune reflecting on the idea that we have only "one go around" this earth. So, we better make it count.

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Lucinda Williams: This Sweet Old World

Redoing an entire album is a surprising and bold move, but on This Sweet Old World the gambit pays off. It's anything but a retread.

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Ren Geisick - ‘Ren, Love Song’ (album stream) (premiere)

Ren Geisick teams up with Jesse Harris to produce a lively collection of jazz-influenced Americana tunes.

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Mark “Porkchop” Holder - “Captain Captain” (audio) (premiere)

Mark "Porkchop" Holder returns to the forefront with some blazing prison blues.

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Langhorne Slim - “House of My Soul” (audio) (premiere)

Langhorne Slim is back with his incomparable folk music that urges people to reconnect with each other in meaningful ways.

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28 Sep 2017 // 2:10 AM

Deer Tick: Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

Deer Tick sidestepped the pressure of double albums by releasing two separate records on the same day, inviting but not forcing listeners to associate them.

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