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23 Apr 2008 // 10:59 PM

Various Artists: Easy Beatles

Beatles covers redone as unabashed pop fluff, somehow retaining the original songs' rigidity in the process.

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Various Artists: Get Ready: U.K. Floor Fillers Volume 3

Prime cuts of soul-pop danceability from 1960's England rescued from the musical abyss by an indefatigable collector of lost and obscure gems.

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Various Artists: Beautiful Escape… is Coming Right Along EP

Some frosting is best left on the beater.

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Various Artists: Miles from India

Indo-jazz on a venerable scale as the cream of Miles Davis’ electric era players reconvene, not so much to reminisce on the old times as to reinvent them.

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Various artists: Do the Pop!

The shadow of Radio Birdman looms long over this second edition in an exhaustive Aussie proto-punk series.

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Various Artists: Members Of The Trick

Just so you know, this is an average compilation of German house tracks, not a concept rap album about a prostitute with several penises.

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Various Artists: In the Name of Love

This compilation of U2 cover songs by African artists mostly succeeds as a pure listening experience, a cool idea, and a fine introduction to some great musicians.

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Various Artists: The Sound of Philadelphia

Looking at the familiar and the obscure, these two discs provide fascinating snapshots of the amazing music of Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff.

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Various Artists: Om: Chilled v.2

Not that you need another "chill out" collection, but if you do...

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Various Artists: The Rough Guide to Congo Gold

A crash-course in Central Africa’s rumba and soukous that (for the most part) won’t make you feel like a musical tourist.

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Various Artists: You Don’t Know: Ninja Cuts

You must know about the biggest indie hip-hop and electronic label by now. If you don't, and you'd like to maintain an iota of self-respect, this three CD compilation is a superb starting point.

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Various Artists: The Rough Guide to the Music of Hungarian Gypsies

Hungarian Roma music, according to this Rough Guide, has a dancing energy, like a ball always bouncing forward.

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Various Artists: Droppin’ Science: Greatest Samples from the Blue Note Lab

Blue Note releases brilliant compilation of timeless songs that sounded good, even before they were sampled.

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Various Artists: Spirits in the Material World: A Reggae Tribute to the Police

It’s only fair for the reggae world to get a shot at Police songs, as there would likely have been no Police without them.

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Various Artists: Fallin’ Off the Reel Vol. 2

A joyous collection of tracks that showcases Truth & Soul's old-school production methods and smooth melodies.

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20 Mar 2008 // 11:00 PM

Anger With Stoic Dignity

Protest music can go one of three ways: angry, storytelling, or communal. Sowing the Seeds is communal, meant to shore up the spirits of people who are locked together, arm-in-arm, to fight for a common cause.

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20 Mar 2008 // 10:56 PM

Various Artists: Be Kind Rewind

Sprawling, breezy lite-funk mixed with classics by Billy Preston and Booker T. & the MGs. Definitely worth rewinding.

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Various Artists: An Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music: Fifth a-Chronology

A happily schizophrenic transmission from the past and present avant-garde that works better the more alien it sounds.

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Various Artists: A Number of Small Things

This is the collected memory of a series of small creative acts.

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Various Artists: City of Dreams

This collection spreads piano, blues, street beats, and slippery funk over four discs that are as joyous and imperfect as the Crescent City itself.

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