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Monday, February 8 2010

Azrael #1-3

Scorsese-inspired and Petraeus-infused, Fabian Nicieza and Ramon Bachs' new Azrael is an incendiary powder keg, commenting one everything from the War on Terror to its title character's relevance to the very purpose of faith.

Thursday, October 29 2009

Agonies of an ‘Antichrist’: Lars von Trier in the Forest of Unreason

Despite the efforts of some to dismiss it as a prank, Antichrist is a serious film and its disturbing extremes speak of broad and deeply felt moral, social, and ultimately, political anxieties.

Monday, April 27 2009

Summer of Same: June 2009

This month's "original" fare offers a take on a Sid and Marty Krofft classic, more battling seizure robots, and the retaking of '70s subway thriller. Everything old is new again.

Monday, March 23 2009

Part 2: The Virgin Suicides to The Blair Witch Project (May - August 1999)

In Part Two of our look at the most memorable films of 1999, we experience music, foul-mouthed mayhem, and a late, great auteur's final cinematic statement.

Sunday, March 22 2009

Part 1: The Thin Red Line to Star Wars Episode I (January - May 1999)

The first part of PopMatters' look back at the films of 1999 is bookended by the long awaited return of two cinematic auteurs of wildly different styles, Terrence Malick and George Lucas.

Monday, December 10 2007

The Walker

Like the heroes of several of Paul Schrader's other films -- American Gigolo, Light Sleeper, and, to an extent, Auto Focus -- Carter moves among women as if visiting an alien planet.

Monday, December 3 2007

Movies 101

Movies101invites you to audit the NYU course with a Special Edition, four-DVD box set with interviews with 16 recent guests including Martin Scorsese, Jennifer Aniston, George Clooney, Willem Dafoe, and Julianne Moore.

Friday, August 24 2007

‘Mr. Bean’ speaks! (About his new movie)

"I definitely do not have the wit of Blackadder. I definitely require scriptwriters to provide that. And I don't think I'm as dark or cynical as Blackadder is in his view of the world."

Mr. Bean’s Holiday (Les Vacances de Mr. Bean)

Back with even less to say than before, Bean lurches toward his much-anticipated beach vacation with all the refinement of a train wreck.

Thursday, August 23 2007

Mr. Beans Holiday

Physical comedy is officially dead, and Rowan Atkinson killed it.

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