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‘Small Town Talk’ Both Celebrates and Interrogates Woodstock’s Past

If you're looking for a true-to-life portrait of the way cultural memory evolves and is shaped within the context of a small town, this is a profound case study.

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‘Small Town Talk’ and the Rise and Fall of Woodstock

Small Town Talk offers an in-depth look at the rise and fall of not only the town of Woodstock, but also those who made an icon of '60s idealism.

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‘The Pop Festival’ Seems to Have Missed the Music

The Pop Festival is largely an overly self-serious look at an essentially less-than-serious pop cultural event.

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Jefferson Airplane: Jefferson Airplane: The Woodstock Experience

Jefferson Airplane is a lot like Woodstock itself: rightfully iconic, yet slightly overrated. Fittingly, their live performance at the festival is forever enshrined on this two disc set.

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By the Time We Got to Woodstock: The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Revolution of 1969

Pollock sees Woodstock as an index to where the culture had already been going, and where, given enormous social, political and economic forces at work in America, it was already destined to go.

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28 Aug 2009 // 3:19 AM

Taking Woodstock

The Ang Lee take on Woodstock never gets much beyond these clichés: hippies took drugs, rain made mud, the music was great and crowds were huge.

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21 Aug 2009 // 4:35 AM

Woodstock, the concert, is not exactly front and center of director Ang Lee’s comic history, “Taking Woodstock.” The movie, in theaters Aug 28, is about

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Three Days, Forty Years, Six Discs

It's the enticing performances of the smaller acts -- and not the explosions of the big ones -- that made Woodstock such a singular event.

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Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll—Woodstock left its mark on baby boomers everywhere

Memories of Woodstock, the rock-‘n’-roll festival he helped create, haunt Artie Kornfeld still: the cops opening fire on the crowd of stunned hippies,

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Back to the garden: 40 years after, Woodstock remains a unique journey

John Carnes, a friend of my sister’s who was at the Woodstock music festival with me 40 years ago, witnessed a scene that symbolized for

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11 Aug 2009 // 12:24 PM

Do aging baby boomers need a major nostalgia fix for the 40th anniversary of Woodstock? Publishers must think so — they’re bringing out a raft

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10 Aug 2009 // 5:01 AM

40 years later, Woodstock, or at least its legend, rocks on

NEW YORK — The mythology of the Woodstock Music and Art Fair overtook its reality years ago. Mountain’s Leslie West jokes, “If you count all

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10 Aug 2009 // 5:00 AM

A milestone for a musical and cultural landmark

In his 2005 memoir “Searching for the Sound,” Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead outlined his observations on the 1969 Woodstock Music and Art Fair not as

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Pot, Skinny-Dipping, and Freedom Rock: Woodstock and the Year of the Outdoor Music Festival (Part 2)

PopMatters presents the second part of a chapter on Woodstock from Kirkpatrick's recent book 1969: The Year Everything Changed. Part two covers Woodstock appearances by the Who, the Band, Jimi Hendrix and more.

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Pot, Skinny-Dipping, and Freedom Rock: Woodstock and the Year of the Outdoor Music Festival (Part 1)

Today and Wednesday, PopMatters is presenting a chapter on Woodstock from Kirkpatrick's recent book 1969: The Year Everything Changed. Part one covers the run-up to the festival as well as those early sets by the Grateful Dead and Janis Joplin.

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“Back To The Garden” by Pete Fornatale Touchstone (303 pages, $24.99) If you think the media saturation on Michael Jackson’s death is outre, you should prepare

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Woodstock at 40: Celebrate fest’s B-day with books, concerts & new film

Several outdoor, multi-day music festivals were held in the summer of ‘69. All were celebrating a seismic explosion in conscious rock — music spirited by the Beatles,

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“WOODSTOCK: MUSIC FROM THE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK AND MORE” “WOODSTOCK 2” ——— Woodstock — the event, the myth, the hype, all of it — celebrates its 40th anniversary in two

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15 Jun 2009 // 4:23 AM

This Sunday morning, 75,000-some rock fans are waking up in a field in rural Tennessee. Most will be caked in mud with a sunburn underneath,

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8 Jun 2009 // 10:00 AM

DVD box sets: Norman Lear, Woodstock and Jack Lemmon

This week we’re looking at DVD box sets about a path-breaking TV producer, a memorable rock festival and one of America’s most beloved

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