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Thursday, December 17 2009

Best Actor: Ben Foster Delivers in ‘The Messenger’

This year's best independent film happens to contain three of the year's finest performances. The unlikely trio of Samantha Morton, Woody Harrelson and Ben Foster shine in this war-themed drama.

Sunday, November 15 2009

Natural Born Killers: The Director’s Cut

Stone's pedigree secure, the Hollywood maverick turned on the system itself; tarring sensationalism, public bloodlust, and judicial entropy, seemingly with the same brush.

Friday, May 15 2009


Jennifer Aniston is stuck, again.

Sunday, April 26 2009

Summer of Same: May 2009

May's titles include the fourth films in two aging franchises, more Pixar perfection, and the reboot of a TV series from 40 years ago. And they say there are no new ideas.

Sunday, March 22 2009

Part 1: The Thin Red Line to Star Wars Episode I (January - May 1999)

The first part of PopMatters' look back at the films of 1999 is bookended by the long awaited return of two cinematic auteurs of wildly different styles, Terrence Malick and George Lucas.

Friday, December 26 2008

Hollywood, race and the Age of Obama

Friday, December 19 2008

Seven Pounds

Equally afflicted by an old-school weepies affect and new-agey self-righteousness, Seven Pounds is by turns clumsy and overbearing.

Thursday, December 18 2008

Exquisite Agony

This holiday season, Mickey Rourke (in The Wrestler) and Will Smith (Seven Pounds) suffer for all us sinners.

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