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27 Feb 2008 // 7:53 AM

We’ve got a full-column edition of What’d They Do to My Show? today because - and here’s the good news - there’

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13 Feb 2008 // 9:05 AM

Hollywood is back in business. Hollywood’s writers voted Tuesday to call off their strike, after picketing for three months, trashing the Golden Globes, diluting

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13 Feb 2008 // 5:56 AM

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Not. With striking Hollywood writers going back to work, after three months, TV fans may be

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12 Feb 2008 // 6:06 AM

The three-month strike by film and television writers is over, and viewers will see something approaching a normal schedule by April. But questions remain about

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7 Feb 2008 // 6:00 AM

Progress continues on the writers strike, and it’s possible - possible - the writers guild board could vote as soon as Sunday to end

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22 Jan 2008 // 3:47 AM

Thursday, the Directors Guild of America reached a tentative, three-year agreement with the major media conglomerates on a new contract. The deal—which included increases

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17 Jan 2008 // 3:02 AM

Katie Holmes Strike or no strike, there’s one thing every late-night talk show host fears - the jaded star promoting a movie. You know,

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16 Jan 2008 // 6:20 AM

I am seriously trying to produce a column with no mention of the Hollywood writers strike, but events keep unfolding (I hate events) and now,

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15 Jan 2008 // 2:58 AM

Like mutilated corpses on “CSI” or “Law & Order,” the victims of a television writers strike are starting to pile up: Last week’s People’

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9 Jan 2008 // 4:55 AM

LOS ANGELES—A drastically scaled-back Golden Globes raises the question of whether the Writers Guild of America strike will hit Hollywood’s showpiece awards event,

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7 Jan 2008 // 8:30 AM

More than 10,000 Hollywood writers are on strike, but they’re still managing to write a pretty interesting scenario as we head into the final weeks

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7 Jan 2008 // 2:34 AM

The mess from the writers strike just keeps growing, and one place where that’s most evident is, ironically, late night TV, which gets back

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2 Jan 2008 // 2:44 AM

The full impact of the 7-week-old walkout by television and film writers is about to hit home for the American TV audience. Since the strike

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20 Dec 2007 // 3:05 AM

Every day seems to bring a new twist to the campaign season, whether it’s Mike Huckabee’s Christmas-themed ad or Hillary Clinton’s attempts

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18 Dec 2007 // 3:43 AM

NEW YORK - Hollywood seems a nice enough place to live. But if you’re looking for weather metaphors to capture the mood of the

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17 Dec 2007 // 2:55 AM

I’m a tad skittish about spending much time on the Hollywood writers’ strike because, although it’s in the world of entertainment, labor disputes

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14 Dec 2007 // 2:59 AM

As the television writers’ strike winds on, you may be wondering what will happen to your favorite shows. “Heroes” just had its fall season finale

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The thing about writers is, they just can’t stop. Addictive personalities, one and all. And TV writers are no different. You’d think that,

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29 Nov 2007 // 3:25 AM

When Pam Powers began listening to radio soap operas with her grandmother in the late 1940s, she considered them to be “an island of emotional

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19 Nov 2007 // 6:24 AM

So the writers’ strike continues in Hollywood, late night shows are in repeats, big name producers are carrying picket signs and ... yeah, I know, most

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