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Thursday, August 8 2013

The Month In Pop Entertainment: August 2013

Here are your pop culture options for end-of-summer fun.

Wednesday, December 1 2010

Gun Control: The Video Game Obsession with the Sword and the Gun

The key observation to be made about the evolution of games into the violent extravaganzas of today is that, if you change the controller, you change everything.

Tuesday, March 30 2010

An arcade in every home

Tuesday, January 26 2010

Final Fantasy XIII Collector’s Edition Detailed

New FFXIII edition revealed

Tuesday, September 1 2009

A reignited console war means a happy holiday for gamers

Thursday, June 4 2009

Microsoft to eliminate the need for game controllers

Friday, April 17 2009

The Race for a New Game Machine: Eight is Beautiful (Book Review, Part 2)

It's not a perfect book, but those interested in the story of how the current generation of consoles came to be will find plenty to capture their interest.

Thursday, March 12 2009

The Race for a New Game Machine: The Hardware/Software Conflict (Book Review, Part 1)

Concentrating on the narrative that David Shippy and Mickie Phipps tell in The Race for a New Game Machine is made difficult by a conflict in perspective.

Thursday, March 5 2009

Afro Samurai

Afro Samurai would be a little too self-serious if it wasn't for Ninja-Ninja, a white-haired, impish character that can best be described as Samuel L. Jackson playing Samuel L. Jackson.

Tuesday, February 10 2009

The Maw

The only major problem with The Maw is the pacing and speed of gameplay. Unfortunately, it's a crippling sort of problem.

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