Final season of 'Lost' leads newest Blu-ray titles

by Doug Nye

McClatchy-Tribune News Service (MCT)

24 August 2010


Well, we finally got all the answers on “Lost,” or did we? Check it out for yourself with “Lost: The Complete Sixth and Final Season” (Disney/ABC studios, 2010, $79.99) which tops this week’s list of new Blu-ray titles.

It all started in 2004 when an Australian airliner bound for America crash-landed on a mysterious island a thousand miles off course. The 48 survivors began trying to figure ways to survive and also how they can attract attention to be rescued.

Much of the first season focused on the relationships between the characters but a few strange things happen. By season two, they begin to discover just how mysterious is the island. By then “Lost” was causing plenty of buzz among viewers and qualifies as the first real TV classic of the 21st century.

Time travel — forwards, backwards and sideways — was dominant in season five. Anything seems possible on the island. Now it comes to an end with 16 episodes and plenty of extras. Jack Shephard (Matthew Fox) and John Locke (Terry O’Quinn) play important parts in the finale.

Among the extras are “The End: Crafting A Final Season,” “A Hero’s Journey” and “See You in Another Life, Brotha” which examines the mysteries of the season’s flash sideway. In addition, there is the tantalizing new chapter of the island’s story.

Also available is “Lost: The Complete Collection” (Disney/ABC Studios, 2004-10, $279.99) with all 114 episodes and more than 30 hours of bonus material. As usual, the Blu-ray picture and sound are first-rate. “Lost” is highly recommended.


Other Blu-ray releases:

“The Universe: Our Solar System” (A&E, 2007, $29.95) Here are 10 episodes on two discs from the first season of this exhilarating series from the History Channel. Using stellar computer graphics, it takes us on journeys to Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, our own Earth and more. Recommended.

“The Great Rift” (BBC, 2010, $24.99) This is a spectacular journey through Africa’s Great Rift Valley which stretches 4,000 miles from the Red Sea to the mouth of the Zambezi. It is blessed with a stunningly beautiful diverse landscape and vast variety of animals. Recommended.

“The Simpsons: The Thirteenth Season” (20th Century Fox, 2001-02, $59.99) Now the longest prime-time series in television history, this animated creation of Matt Groening obviously never grows old. They’re back this time in 22 episodes on three discs. Among the guest voices are Pierce Brosnan, Richard Gere, Paul Newman, Matthew Perry, Ben Stiller and Reese Witherspoon. The show has won 10 Emmys for outstanding animated program.

“The Back-Up Plan” (Sony, 2010, $34.95) Jennifer Lopez plays Zoe, a woman who seems destined to forever have broken romances. She wants to have a baby so decides to become pregnant with the help of science. Not long after that she meets Stan (Alex O’Loughlin) and love blooms. However, Zoe is reluctant to tell him that she’s pregnant.

Also on Blu-ray: “Time Bandits” (Image, 1981, $17.98) John Clesse, Sean Connery; “The Square” (Sony, 2010, $39.95) David Roberts, Claire van der Boom; “Mona Lisa” (Image, 1986, $17.98) Bob Hoskins, Michael Caine; “Dorian Gray” (National Media, 2009, $24.98) Ben Barnes, Colin Firth; “$5 A Day” (Image, 2008, $29.98) Sharon Stone, Christopher Walken.

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