Backstage at the Oscars

Heath Ledger's family discusses win

by Barry Koltnow

The Orange County Register (MCT)

23 February 2009


HOLLYWOOD - Heath Ledger’s sister Kate knew all along.

She told us backstage that her brother had been sending her photos from the set of “The Dark Knight.”

Backstage at the Oscars: Heath Ledger's family discusses win

“When he came home for Christmas, I told him I had a feeling he would be nominated for an Oscar, and he just looked at me and smiled.”

The late actor’s mom, Sally Bell, said she was “overwhelmed, relieved and excited” when her son’s name was called in the best supporting actor category.

Even though he was the prohibitive favorite in the category, his mother reminded the media that “nothing is a sure thing.”

Heath’s dad, Kim, said the family will hold the Oscar in trust until they can legally turn it over to Heath’s young daughter Matilda when she turns 18. The girl lives with her mother, actress Michelle Williams.

He also revealed that his son was proficient at many things when he was a child, and his father advised him to pick something he was really good at because “one day you might have to make a buck of it.”

Kim said Heath’s passion was in acting, and he chose to follow his passion.

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