'Scrubs' season finale, airing Wednesday on ABC

by Verne Gay

Newsday (MCT)

6 May 2009


REASON TO WATCH: One-hour finale, called, appropriately enough, “My Finale” because J.D. (Zach Braff) is going, going ... gone.

WHAT IT’S ABOUT: No preview DVD was available — sorry — but we were able to see a few clips that hint at some big questions: Will J.D. score a final, emotional, heartfelt farewell hug from Dr. Perry Cox (John C. McGinley)? Will the Ross and Rachel of “Scrubs,” J.D. and Elliot (Sarah Chalke) move in together, even though J.D.‘s baby son will still live with Kim (Elizabeth Banks) and Sean (Scott Foley)?

There also are many cameos from former “Scrubbies,” including Amy Smart (Jamie); Michael Learned (Mrs. Wilks); Tom Cavanagh (J.D.‘s brother, Dan); Meredith Roberts (Kathy); Lindsay Ravage (Slagathor); Robert Maschio (Todd); and Sam Lloyd (Ted). The gang’s all here to say goodbye.

THE FUTURE: To be determined, but the show — which has been around since 2001 — probably will be back. As you know, Braff leaves, and Judy Reyes (nurse Carla Espinosa) also has decided to move on. Most of the key characters are shooting pilots.

If ABC picks up a ninth season, this season’s interns — like Katie (Betsy Beutler) and Howie (Todd Bosley) — will be the new front line. Chalke also is expected back. (The good news is that Braff may have a Noah Wyle-type arrangement for a few guest appearances.)

THE SHOW’S CREATOR SAYS: Bill Lawrence said on an ABC message board last week, “The things I promise: If ‘Scrubs’ comes back, it will not be the same show, thus cheapening the finale. It will not be a lame imitation of the original. We will work our butts off (Yes, I will work on it, too — I’m too much of a control freak to totally let it go.) to make it new and interesting and surprising and different. Don’t get me wrong, it may still (expletive). But if it does, it will not be a fizzle. It will (expletive) in a truly grand, disastrous way. Just give it a chance, AND THEN be outraged and hate it.”

BOTTOM LINE; Fans are lining up on the great question of the second, “Should ‘Scrubs’ return?” Given ABC’s recent track record in developing new comedies ... given any network’s recent track record in developing new comedies ... the answer has to be yes. For Lawrence et al, there’s nothing to lose at this point except for maybe dignity and self-respect. (He’s earned that right). But “Scrubs” without Zach Braff? Is such a thing even possible?

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