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Alicia Keys: Songs in A Minor (10th Anniversary Edition)
28 Jul 2011 // 5:00 PM

Like most album reissues, the bonus content doesn't do much to justify its existence for anyone who doesn't revere the artist in question as some kind of hero figure. It does look pretty, though.

Alicia Keys: The Element of Freedom
10 Jan 2010 // 4:00 PM

Alicia Keys tries on new styles, finds them ill-fitting, and makes the worst album of her career.


Alicia Keys - "In Common" (Singles Going Steady)
10 May 2016 // 6:04 AM

"In Common" adds up to an exciting, intriguing comeback single for Alicia Keys.

Jay-Z - "Empire State of Mind" (feat. Alicia Keys) (video)
2 Nov 2009 // 5:40 AM

"Empire State of Mind" is destined to be played in promos for Knicks games. "Let's hear it for New York!" Alicia sings in the cheesy


Grammy winner Alicia Keys looks back on nearly 10 years in the music business
5 Mar 2010 // 12:00 AM

DETROIT — Alicia Keys isn't taking anything for granted. The 29-year-old pianist-songwriter has enjoyed ample blessings since arriving on the scene nine years ago, most recently

Stars to turn out for Haiti telethon Friday
22 Jan 2010 // 7:29 AM

Less than 24 hours after an earthquake devastated Haiti on Jan. 12, George Clooney was on the phone with MTV Networks president Judy McGrath trying to orchestrate

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Measuring Success: The Unsatisfying Notion of "Good Endings" and "Bad Endings"

// Moving Pixels

"Sometimes stories need to end badly in order to be really good.

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