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A Righteous Babe in Uncharted Territory: An Interview With Ani DiFranco
20 Aug 2008 // 6:00 PM

DiFranco doesn't take the usual approach to the music business, but her horse-and-buggy style, as well as her motherhood, may turn out to be assets.

Part 5: Public Enemy to Dixie Chicks (1989-2006)
19 Jul 2007 // 6:00 PM

The brave, early activists of the US AIDS movement knew that Silence = Death. Throughout history it's "Put up", we're told, "Shut up", we're threatened. Praise to those who set their protest to song and act up!


Ani DiFranco: Allergic to Water
5 Nov 2014 // 9:06 PM

Allergic to Water, Ani DiFranco's 18th album, lacks the political engagement and sharply hewn wit that distinguished her earlier work.

Ani DiFranco: Which Side Are You On?
16 Jan 2012 // 4:00 PM

At this point in her career, audiences will know what they think of Ani DiFranco. Which Side Are You On? is unlikely to change this sentiment.


Ani DiFranco - "Careless Words" (video) (Premiere)
7 Nov 2014 // 7:45 AM

The latest video from "the high priestess of feminist folk" Ani DiFranco pairs a tune from her latest LP, Allergic to Water, with intriguing linear imagery.

Ani DiFranco - "¿Which Side Are You On?" MP3 (PopMatters Premiere)
6 Dec 2011 // 4:35 AM

Contemporary folkie Ani DiFranco updates the classic protest tune "Which Side Are You On?" in a bit of perfect timing to coalesce with the Occupy Movement.


‘Red Letter Year' marks a turning point for Ani DiFranco
19 Apr 2009 // 10:41 PM

Provocative and thoughtful go hand in hand when it comes to music by folk songstress Ani DiFranco. But on her latest release, "Red Letter Year"

No loose 'Canon': Ani DiFranco releases 2-CD retrospective
16 Nov 2007 // 12:09 AM

Compressing 20 albums into a single representative collection can prove an overwhelming task for just about any solo artist, much less a band. Not so for

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The Sound and the Warmth: An Interview with Cardiknox

// Sound Affects

"New York's Cardiknox are taking more steps in their goal of world domination. With their debut record Portrait out, the band are dreaming big, wanting to transcend the indie pop scene.

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