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Trickster-Heroes in 'Buffy' and 'Sir Gawain and the Green Knight'
7 Sep 2011 // 4:00 PM

While Spike represents a moral alternative to Buffy’s heroism, the Arthurian Green Knight's tricks -- including a gruesome beheading -- end as mere a parlor game. Spike is the superior trickster.


Give 'O' A Big Fat Zero
22 Feb 2011 // 2:59 PM

Less an addition to the rich fictional literature of American politics and more like an exercise in the cynical business of marketing and publishing.

A Woman in Berlin: Six Weeks in the Conquered City by Anonymous, translated by Philip Boehm
11 Sep 2005 // 7:00 PM

Besides documenting the relentless terror and humiliation she and other German women endured, the diary offers a unique window on the German psyche as it comes to terms with Third Reich's wholesale collapse.


Bible Readings for the Home Circle
27 Aug 2009 // 6:30 AM

We went by the butcher and greengrocer and at the charity shop near the station I abandoned a copy of Penelope Fitzgerald's The Knox Brothers

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Moving Pixels Podcast: The Best Games of 2016

// Moving Pixels

"The Moving Pixels Podcast counts down our top five games of 2016.

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