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Of Maus and Men: Postwar Identity Through a Postmodern Lens in Art Spiegelman’s 'Maus'
23 Mar 2015 // 9:20 PM

Far more than a comic book with an edge, Maus interrogates the fallacious identity politics of the Nazis, to an unforgettable effect. Given recent events in Europe, this is a vital book to revisit.


Much Ado About Art, Satire and Terrorism
15 Feb 2015 // 9:30 PM

As the debate rages over Charlie Hebdo’s controversial cartoons, Art Spiegelman offers sage advice on cartoons and free speech.


The High Art of Art Spiegelman: "Co-Mix"
15 Jan 2014 // 1:08 AM

High art often mines popular culture for a vernacular iconography…

Breakdowns: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young %@&*!
26 Jan 2009 // 3:00 PM

It seems appropriate in the midst of a comic renaissance that Spiegelman's pre-Maus material be reissued and reevaluated by a new audience that's finally catching up.


Russia Removes Art Spiegelman’s 'Maus' From Bookstores
5 May 2015 // 7:53 AM

Maus, the Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel by Art Spiegelman, has been withdrawn from Moscow bookstores.

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Moving Pixels Podcast: Highbrow, Middle Brow, and Lowbrow in Free-to-Play Gaming

// Moving Pixels

"From the charmingly trashy to the more artistically inclined, there is a wide variety of gaming options in the free-to-play market.

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