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The Most Disappointing Albums of 2012
17 Dec 2012 // 5:00 PM

Another year, another round of disappointments. While previous years may have been more obvious in their selections, this year’s list is fairly fortuitous, blending a variety of genres and artists.

Southern Comfort: An Interview with Band of Horses' Ben Bridwell
7 Nov 2007 // 4:00 PM

Band of Horses' reluctant frontman talks about moving back South to record his new album, the fading playoff hopes of the New York Yankees, and indie rock's most influential beards.


Band of Horses: Acoustic at the Ryman
18 Feb 2014 // 9:04 PM

The intimate and lovey feel of Acoustic at the Ryman is very becoming to Band of Horses.

Global Citizen Festival: 29 September 2012 - New York (Photos)
11 Oct 2012 // 12:52 AM

While countless numbers watched the stream online, nearly 60,000 people attended the Global Citizen Festival, a concert designed to create awareness of the global poverty issue.


Band of Horses - "Whatever, Wherever" (Singles Going Steady)
10 Jun 2016 // 6:30 AM

"Whatever, Wherever" is a stripped-down acoustic paean to the selflessness of love.

Newport Folk Festival 2014: Day 1 & 2 Photos
1 Sep 2014 // 10:00 PM

While it is now under the umbrella of a non-profit foundation, the Newport Folk Festival still remains one of the top Summer festivals for an artist to play.

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Paul McCartney: Pure McCartney (take 2)

// Sound Affects

"Pure McCartney really is a compilation for those wanted to dip their toes in wading pool instead of jumping waterfalls.

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