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Bill Frisell on John Lennon: Talking About 'All We Are Saying'
27 Feb 2012 // 8:35 PM

The unique jazz guitarist talks about All We Are Saying -- his recent cover album of 16 John Lennon tunes -- as well as how the Beatles changed his life, and how back in the day, owning an instrument meant you were automatically in a band.


Jazz May Be Reeling in Terms of Record Sales, But It's Thriving As an Art Form
22 Oct 2014 // 8:30 PM

What if today’s jazz is a little bit Bill Frisell and a little bit Ornette Coleman?


Bill Frisell: Guitar in the Space Age!
8 Oct 2014 // 8:03 PM

Space Cadet Frisell requests permission to come aboard.

Stefano Bollani: Joy in Spite of Everything
14 Sep 2014 // 8:03 PM

There are different ways to experience and to express joy. It can be celebratory, or quiet and introspective. Joy in Spite of Everything balances those poles of sound and style on what is one of the most successful jazz releases of the year.


Verse-Chorus-Verse: "Have a Little Faith in Me"
21 Feb 2010 // 7:30 PM

Artist/producer PC Muñoz mines for gems and grills the greats.


Guitar legend Bill Frisell's diverse songbook defies his jazz label
28 Jan 2008 // 9:18 PM

Bill Frisell speaks slowly and calmly, like the Mr. Rogers of jazz. But all is not mellow in Mr. Frisell's Neighborhood. Just like his mercurial

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The Hills Are Alive, But Nobody Else Is in 'The Happiness of the Katakuris'

// Short Ends and Leader

"Happiness of the Katakuris is one of Takashi Miike's oddest movies, and that's saying something.

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