Billy Bob Thornton
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'Jayne Mansfield’s Car' at the Fringe of the Family
14 Feb 2014 // 1:10 AM

This is a drama of two families brought together by death and the resulting stories that splinter off from that singular event.

Billy Bob Thornton: Beautiful Door
14 Aug 2007 // 5:00 PM

On his fourth solo album, Beautiful Door, Billy Bob Thornton solidifies his status as a Hollywood oddity, a celebrity who actually can produce music worth a damn: catchy, conceptual, and with a conscience.


Sling Blade (1996): Blu-ray
2 Aug 2009 // 3:09 AM

In the most controversial scene in the equally scandalous Tropic Thunder, Australian actor turned black man Kirk Lazarus (Robert Downey Jr.) tries to explain to


The edge of the universe is about right for Billy Bob Thornton
22 Feb 2007 // 8:35 PM

Billy Bob Thornton, left, and Virginia Madsen talk abouttheir new movie, The Astronaut Farmer at the RitzCarlton in San Francisco, California, February 13, 2007.(Michael A. Jones/

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