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In Defense of Billy Corgan's Foray Into Professional Wrestling
12 Jun 2012 // 5:07 PM

The Smashing Pumpkins leader is developing a reality television series around his Resistance Pro imprint.


Placebo: B3 EP
13 Jan 2013 // 9:30 PM

In the final track, “Time is Money”, somewhere between the lines “Time is happy ever after” and “Jesus / Jesus / Jesus / take the wheel” my eyes rolled back so far in my head that I could see the inside of my ears and noticed that they were no longer paying attention.

Billy Corgan: The Future Embrace
18 Jul 2005 // 5:00 PM

The curious incident of the bored rock star and his first solo album.


Billy Corgan on the Smashing Pumpkins: ‘We're not the retirement band playing our old hits'
16 Dec 2008 // 6:10 AM

Are rock bands meant to last 20 years? "No, no, they're not," Billy Corgan said backstage last week at the Auditorium Theatre. Which sounds a little

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In Motion: On the Emptiness of Progress

// Moving Pixels

"Nils Pihl calls it, "Newtonian engagement", that is, when "an engaged player will remain engaged until acted upon by an outside force". That's "progress".

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