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The Articulation of Outrage in Brian Michael Bendis' 'Scarlet'
27 Aug 2015 // 3:42 AM

Brian Michael Bendis pens a socially relevant tale of revenge.


What's Wrong With X-Men Bobby Drake's Coming Out Story?
15 Jul 2015 // 8:30 PM

There are a lot of unwritten assumptions about Iceman's sexuality in All New X-Men #40.

With 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' the MCU Decisively Breaks with Comics
6 Jul 2014 // 8:30 PM

Marvel owns characters and its profits come from comics sales, film tickets, lunch boxes, etc. As such, character identification fluctuates easily between media.


'Spider-Man #1' Shows That Adolescence Is Everybody's Kryptonite
4 Feb 2016 // 3:30 AM

Give any teenager superpowers and they'll still struggle with just being a teenager.

'Ultimate End #5' Ends With a Whimper
21 Dec 2015 // 4:00 AM

This story wants to be a fireworks show, but it's only armed with half a box of matches.

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