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Open Optimism: Interview with British Sea Power
26 Jul 2005 // 9:03 PM

British Sea Power guitarist Noble takes us through the in(sides) and out(sides) of recording an album.


British Sea Power: Machineries of Joy
7 May 2013 // 6:03 PM

British Sea Power still play like the Jim Thome of indie rock. They strikeout often, but they’re always swinging for the bleachers.

British Sea Power: Man of Aran OST
20 May 2009 // 5:00 PM

Props for the effort, but the likes of Mogwai, Kinski, Mono, and Sigur Rós all do this kind of instrumental indie rock better.


British Sea Power Release New Single, "Living Is So Easy" (stream)
17 Nov 2010 // 3:55 AM

In advance of their new album, Valhalla Dancehall -- out January 11 on Rough Trade -- British Sea Power will release a new single, "Living Is

British Sea Power - "Come Wander With Me" (MP3)
30 Apr 2009 // 3:00 AM

British Sea Power were tapped to create the soundtrack for the upcoming DVD release of the 1934 documentary Man of Aran directed by Robert J. Flaherty.

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Con Brio: The Best New Live Band in America?

// Notes from the Road

"There’s a preciousness to McCarter and the rest of the mostly young band. You want to freeze the moment, to make sure they are taking it all in too. Because it’s going to change.

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