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Wilder in the Heart: An Interview With Butch Walker
20 Sep 2016 // 8:35 PM

He's a Top 40 pop producer by day, '80s rock solo kingpin by night. Butch Walker's back with charm (and stories) to spare.

"That Feels Good in the Heart": An Interview with Butch Walker
11 Nov 2014 // 10:00 PM

He's produced hits for Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and more, but on his forthcoming Ryan Adams-produced album, Butch Walker explores some of the darkest corners of his soul.


Butch Walker: Stay Gold
11 Sep 2016 // 8:10 PM

Butch Walker gives his greatest performance to date on heart-filled album.

Avril Lavigne: Goodbye Lullaby
15 Mar 2011 // 4:00 PM

Goodbye, roller-skating euphoria! Hello, four-chord guitar lullabies on serious themes!


Butch Walker - "21+" (video) (Premiere)
9 Mar 2015 // 5:30 AM

Georgia-born singer/songwriter Butch Walker asks listeners to "enjoy the sadness" with his latest music video, "21+".

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Trickle Down Corruption in 'This Is the Police'

// Moving Pixels

"In a world of hitmen, snitches, mobsters, murderers, terrorists, rapists, rioters, bombers, thieves, and serial killers, your greatest enemy is your boss.

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