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Buzzcocks: The Buzz Continues
17 Apr 2003 // 9:03 PM

Buzzcocks fans might be surprised to find that the group's new self-titled effort, its first of the new millennium, is a return to its hard-rocking roots. Fresh from some live dates in Australia, Shelley recently spoke to PopMatters about his recent projects and the Buzzcocks' plans for the future.

Howard Devoto: Interview with a Resurfacing Should-Have-Been Musical Legend
31 Dec 1994 // 7:03 PM

Howard Devoto is one of those musicians who, if there were any justice at all in the world, would be hugely famous.


Buzzcocks: The Way
16 Nov 2014 // 9:05 PM

This leans towards hard rock rather than punk, back to the type of music prevalent when punk burst out, and which after all most punks grew up hearing.

Buzzcocks: Flat-Pack Philosophy
8 Mar 2006 // 6:00 PM

The new record from the British pop-punk legends largely trades in the darkness and aggression of its predecessor for a poppier, more melodic approach.


Buzzcocks: 19 May 2010 - Toronto
22 May 2010 // 1:30 AM

Despite being in their mid fifties, front man Pete Shelley and lead guitarist Steve Diggle performed an energy-packed and near gapless set of songs from their first two records, Another Music In A Different Kitchen and Love Bites.

Playing with Precise Abandon: The Buzzcocks in NYC
21 May 2010 // 3:00 AM

The Buzzocks storm New York playing their first two classic albums and associated singles and PopMatters chats with frontman Pete Shelley and cohort Steve Diggle.

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The Sound and the Warmth: An Interview with Cardiknox

// Sound Affects

"New York's Cardiknox are taking more steps in their goal of world domination. With their debut record Portrait out, the band are dreaming big, wanting to transcend the indie pop scene.

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