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Christopher Nolan


Tuesday, December 30 2014

2014: A Most Mediocre Year

The odds of discovering gems like Boyhood felt thinner in 2014 than they have for quite some time.

Sunday, January 27 2013

The Best Films of 2012

From popcorn perfection to animation experimentation, foreign finesse and good old Hollywood hokum, 2012 delivered the shiny cinematic goods and then some. Here are our choices for the titles that took on the challenge, and won.

Thursday, September 20 2012

Reflections on the Revolution in Gotham: Of Burke and Batman

Amidst the wheezing voice of Bane and the thunderous roar of the Batpod, The Dark Knight Rises offers a quiet reminder to cherish the important and enduring things in life, and to remember one’s obligations to friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens.

Wednesday, July 25 2012

Fear and Low Things in Aurora: The Dark Knight Also Rises

The story of Aurora, the real story of Aurora isn't the story of psychotic action. Jim Holmes will not inscribe himself into this. I will simply not allow it, and neither will you...

Tuesday, January 11 2011

The Best Films of 2010

Among this year's winners include a fake documentary, a comedy about Jihad, a vampire story NOT dealing with tacky tween romance, a haunting hillbilly noir, and an elegant tale about clones. Not necessarily the usual cinematic suspects.


Monday, February 16 2015

A Call for the Academy to Reconceptualize the Best Original Score Category

So long as the Academy clings to a myopic definition of what an "original" score is, too many deserving composers will be left out come Oscar night.

Monday, July 23 2012

In Defense of Film Critics Who Didn't Like 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Love it or hate it, The Dark Knight Rises isn't worth the type of outlandish responses received in light of the movie's initial reviews.


Friday, November 7 2014

Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar' Does an Amazing Thing With Corn

This film lurches toward an Inception-ish crosscutting climax, but the rush is not so thrilling as the imagery and the meaning of the corn; humankind's sole remaining sustenance.

Wednesday, January 9 2013

Christopher Nolan Was Never as Playful or Energetic as in 'Following'

The humble $6,000 budget of Following is nothing compared to the cost of Nolan’s Dark Knight movies, but the difference is that the superhero movies don’t feel half as alive as the former.

Sunday, December 2 2012

Batman's Bad Day(s): 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Batman has always been the Dark Knight. His origins are in an alleyway, his story is essentially a vengeance narrative that explores obsession, totemistic fascination with symbolism, and near madness.

Friday, July 20 2012

'The Dark Knight Rises': Into the Pit and Out

Bane comes at Batman with a prodigious force and bloody fury, premised on the fact that he is built to deliver the hero's punishment and thus his motivation for rising.

Wednesday, March 2 2011

I Can’t Remember to Forget You: 'Memento' Ten Years Later

While reviewers raved about its challenge to traditional linear narrative, it’s really in the realm of character development that Memento most destabilizes cinematic conventions.


Wednesday, January 16 2013

No Love for a 'Dark Knight' Yet Again

Christopher Nolan's Batman franchise has terrible awards luck. Ben Travers asks why...

Friday, August 10 2012

In ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Money Matters

Christopher Nolan’s final Batman film shows the inhabitants of Gotham wrestling with issues of the real world, namely: money, class, and power.

Thursday, August 2 2012

'Rises' Is More Like 'Begins' Than 'Knight', and That's a Good Thing

The final installment in Nolan’s saga brings the focus back where it belongs: on the man behind the mask.

Wednesday, July 25 2012

What Now, Christopher Nolan?

Even if Christopher Nolan wanted to go in a completely different direction, making something outside his frame of reference or comfort level, he would more than likely meet with near universal approval from within the industry.

Monday, July 23 2012

What If They Didn't Report the Box Office Figures... and Nobody Cared

For many, the lack of an 'official' box office result will mean very little this week. Considering what it does and does not represent, it should have never really mattered in the first place.

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Monday, November 3 2014

Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar' Mulls Science and Soul

In Interstellar, the widescreen sci-fi epic from Christopher Nolan, opening Friday, Jessica Chastain plays a scientist with a head full of equations, and questions, about time, relativity, quantum mechanics.

Thursday, July 12 2012

Nolan-free ‘Justice League’ raises questions for Warner DC films

LOS ANGELES — Warner Bros. will need a new hero to invigorate its DC Comics brand on the big screen, now that director Christopher Nolan’s

Thursday, July 8 2010

Will there be an 'Inception' backlash before the movie even opens?

I've been getting the feeling lately that Hollywood movies are finally driving our nation's embattled film critics completely crazy. Reviewers are either full of vitriol

Sunday, February 22 2009

Backstage at the Oscars: Heath Ledger's family discusses win

HOLLYWOOD - Heath Ledger's sister Kate knew all along. She told us backstage that her brother had been sending her photos from the set of

Wednesday, February 18 2009

Academy's snubbing of 'The Dark Knight' is a crime

It conjured up a complex and detailed alternate universe. It featured one of the most convincing portraits of wanton evil ever seen in an American

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