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His Vinyl Weighs a Ton: An Interview with Cut Chemist
19 Oct 2006 // 7:00 PM

Owner of over 30,000 records, staunch defender of Star Wars, and composer of a new solo album, Cut Chemist brings the fun(k).


Cut Chemist: Outro (Revisited) EP
29 May 2012 // 6:00 PM

Cut Chemist's new single "Outro (Revisited)" is a frantic teaser from his forthcoming sophomore album Die Cut.

Cut Chemist: The Audience's Listening
10 Jul 2006 // 7:00 PM

"The DJ of the future is going to be a respected member of the community," drones what I imagine is Ward Cleaver with a buzz-cut and members of the topmost levels of the post-WWII military-industrial complex staring down at him through a forest of unforgiving floodlights.


'Renegades of Rhythm' DJ Shadow + Cut Chemist - New York
11 Sep 2014 // 4:18 AM

DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist forged their third turntable project, the 'Renegades of Rhythm Tour', from their careful curating of records from Afrika Bambaataa's collection.

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Cage the Elephant Ignite Central Park with Kickoff for Summerstage Season

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"Cage the Elephant rocked two sold-out nights at Summerstage and return to NYC for a free show May 29th. Info on that and a preview of the full Summerstage schedule is here.

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