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Istanbul Calling: Hip-Hop in the Melting Pot
5 Aug 2013 // 5:30 PM

At once ancient and modern, Istanbul, one of the world's most eclectic and evolving cities, adds yet another element into its cultural melting pot: hip-hop, a music and subculture that has impassioned many Turks -- and infuriated others.


Da Poet: Poetika
22 Jan 2013 // 11:30 PM

Turkey's current reigning king of underground hip-hop waxes poetic on his proper commercial debut, a set of grippingly dark and emotionally-charged numbers that depict the bleaker side of the human condition.


Da Poet - "Instrumentals Vol. 5" (audio)
17 Oct 2014 // 5:15 AM

Turkish rapper Da Poet returns with another set of moody hip-hop instrumentals.

Turkish Beatmaker Da Poet Offers Up a Great New Record with 'Beattape'
28 Jun 2013 // 3:35 AM

The beatmaker and rapper from Turkey offers up a moody cocktail of sumptious jazz samples, arabesque sounds and chilled hip-hop rhythms on his latest instrumental outing.

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Searching for Wholesome Online Fun: LDS Gamers

// Moving Pixels

"While being skeptical about the Church ever officially endorsing video games, LDS gamers remains hopeful about the future, knowing that Mormon society is slowly growing to appreciate gaming.

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