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Dario Argento


Wednesday, June 23 2010

Sinister Footfalls on a Darkened Stair: Hitchcock and His Continuing Sphere of Influence

More than any other studio system director, Alfred Hitchcock has influenced an amazing international collection of postmodern movie makers.

Monday, April 28 2008

The Return of the Popcorn Circus: June 2008

If May almost tent-poled itself out of existence, June will be even worse. After all, are audiences really ready for 13 major release in less than two months -- with more to come?

Wednesday, January 23 2008

Gone and Not Forgotten: The PopMatters DVD Wish List

A lot of good movies are still missing from DVD. Here is a list of 25 that PopMatters feels have been unceremoniously left to simply fade away.

Tuesday, June 19 2007

Part 3: The Stellar '70s

When it comes to post-modern moviemaking, everyone stereotypes the Me Decade as the genre's defining moment. In this case -- as illustrated by the 10 films that represent it -- the categorization is more than accurate.


Monday, March 31 2014

The Virtues of Faithlessness: Dario Argento's Dracula 3-D and the Crutch of Tradition

What can it mean for Dario Argento, auteur extraordinaire, to forsake his unique melding of fearless style and fearless silliness and instead submit to Bram Stoker?

Thursday, June 14 2012

The Zombification Family Tree: Legacy of the Living Dead

Deemed a "culturally significant" (if "sadistic" and "culturally irresponsible") film, how did 'Night of the Living Dead' redefine an entire genre and spawn more unofficial sequels (over 30) than 'James Bond' did official ones (22)?


Thursday, November 9 2006


This flaccid fright flick is all foreplay and no macabre money shot.

Sunday, June 22 2003

Two Evil Eyes (Due occhi diabolici) (1990)

Romero's films often feature a family that is fragile, a prime target for destructive forces.


Tuesday, October 29 2013

The 13 Greatest Horror Directors of All Time

In honor of Halloween, here are 13 fascinating fright mavens who've made scary movies that much more meaningful.

Friday, October 4 2013

'Dario Argento's Dracula 3D' Lacks Bite

John Carpenter once called (Argento) his greatest influence. After this, he is surely his biggest disappointment.

Friday, June 17 2011

Animal Instinct: Dario Argento's 'Cat O'Nine Tails' (Blu-ray)

For a peek at where (Dario Argento) came from, and where he might be going, Cat O'Nine Tails is terrific. As a standalone murder mystery, it's a bit muddled and meaningless.

Friday, June 3 2011

All the Colors of the Giallo: 'Deep Red'/'The Perfume of the Lady in Black'

Two prime examples of the famed Italian crime thriller.

Wednesday, May 25 2011

All Hail the New Hitchcock: Dario Argento's 'Profondo Rosso' (Blu-ray)

Here, Argento, as a director, is building his signature style out of the ashes of his previous successes and his desire to try new and inventive techniques.

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