Dave Brubeck
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Taking Five with the Late Dave Brubeck
9 Dec 2012 // 4:10 PM

At just 14 years old, hearing "Take Five" leap off the vinyl initiated us boys into all the things that would soon come to matter: abandon and sex, ecstasy and intelligence, serious ideas and sensual pleasure in one package.


Looking Back at Brubeck
20 Aug 2008 // 5:00 PM

Dave Brubeck has been incredibly popular, neither simplistic nor crass, yet critics have never much liked his music. What if you listen to him -- to his long career -- with fresh ears?


Dave Brubeck: The Definitive Dave Brubeck on Fantasy, Concord Jazz, and Telarc
10 Feb 2011 // 3:00 PM

The Pre-Columbia Brubeck and the Post-Columbia Brubeck, the bookends to a unique jazz life.

Dave Brubeck: Indian Summer
11 Nov 2007 // 3:00 PM

Indian Summer is a gentle and reflective collection that neatly summarizes Dave Brubeck's musical personality.


'In His Own Sweet Way': Film celebrates Brubeck's 90 years
1 Dec 2010 // 11:30 PM

Dave Brubeck will turn 90 on Monday, and of all the tributes sure to flow his way, one of the most endearing will be public: the

Jazz legend Dave Brubeck is still going strong at 86
12 Apr 2007 // 11:08 PM

MODESTO, Calif. -- There's more to Dave Brubeck than the classic jazz composition "Take Five." In fact, that haunting song, composed in 5/4 time, was written

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That Ribbon of Highway: Sharon Jones Re-shapes Woody Guthrie's Song

// Sound Affects

"Sharon Jones and Woodie Guthrie knew: great songs belong to everybody.

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