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"Mise en Abyme": DJ Spooky on the Recursive Loops of Culture
20 Sep 2015 // 9:02 PM

DJ Spooky's Rebirth of a Nation is a "destabilizing" remix of D.W. Griffith's original propagandist film, performed by Kronos Quartet. Spooky (aka Paul D. Miller) shares the evolution of the film's relevance and his unique take on how life imitates art.

Why Does the Mix CD Still Exist?
22 Sep 2008 // 5:59 PM

DJ Spooky has a new book and album that each explore remix culture. But what value is the single mix CD in an era where remix culture floods the distribution network with endless freely distributed combinations?


DJ Spooky with Kronos Quartet: Rebirth of a Nation
15 Sep 2015 // 9:20 PM

Did you ever get the urge to "remix" a movie? One that just really stuck in your craw like nothing else? DJ Spooky lives out an artistic wet dream on Rebirth of a Nation.

Gabriel Prokofiev + Peter Gregson: Jerk Driver
26 Jun 2012 // 6:01 PM

Multitracked cello yields remix fodder.


DJ Spooky draws on a sojourn in Antarctica for his latest multimedia landscape
30 Mar 2009 // 9:17 PM

Paul D. Miller is in a New York studio, a phone in one ear and sounds of a track he's making for his next disc

DJ Spooky's hip-hop splices, dices music and images
22 Oct 2007 // 1:14 AM

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- If hip-hop is the CNN of urban culture, as Public Enemy's Chuck D has said, then Paul Miller is the genre's

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The Moving Pixels Podcast Discusses 'Tales from the Borderlands Episode 2'

// Moving Pixels

"Our foray into the adventure-game-style version of the Borderlands continues.

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