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20 Questions: Dwight Twilley
2 Dec 2010 // 4:00 PM

Power pop singer-songwriter Dwight Twilley has a new album, Green Blimp, out now on Big Oak Records. He sits down for PopMatters 20 Questions, reflecting on his influences, his lost guitars, and his long career in rock 'n' roll.


Dwight Twilley: Green Blimp
14 Oct 2010 // 4:59 PM

For Dwight Twilley and Green Blimp, it's as though the '80s never ended.

Dwight Twilley: 47 Moons
14 Jun 2005 // 6:00 PM

Long-time under-the-radar rocker returns with a string of sugar-coated pop tunes that make his Beatles-influenced pop come full circle.


Dwight Twilley - "Get Up" and "What Is the Time" (PopMatters Premiere)
29 Sep 2010 // 2:20 AM

Power pop hero Dwight Twilley returns next week with Green Blimp, that includes 12 new tunes and guest performances from Susan Cowsill and Rocky Burnette.

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