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Retelling the History of Black Music: Everything You Know About the Blues Is Wrong
2 Jul 2008 // 5:00 PM

For the most part, blacks were not involved in the heroic work of rescuing the black acoustic blues legacy from the passage of time.


It's an Art Form, Talking 'Bout Your Mama
24 Mar 2015 // 8:05 PM

Readers that aren’t easily offended will find themselves laughing and cringing at what is surely the raunchiest history book in years.

Yo Mama's So Dumb... 'The Dozens: A History of Rap's Mama'
9 Sep 2012 // 5:10 PM

Elijah Wald brings to life the special pride of place bawdy insult humor has enjoyed in black music, comedy and literature.


Is Black Widow Still a Hero? Dissecting the Misogynistic Outrage Against the Avengers

// Short Ends and Leader

"Black Widow may very well be the pinnacle of the modern action heroine, so why is there so much backlash about her role in the new Avengers film?

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