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Rock Pioneer Lloyd Price Has a Couple of Stories to Tell
2 Feb 2016 // 10:00 PM

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and rock pioneer Lloyd Price’s life has been much more interesting than yours or mine, from writing hits with Fats Domino to playing an influential role in the Rumble in the Jungle. Yet Price still has many more yarns to spin even now.

The Myth of Elvis Presley
6 Jul 2015 // 9:02 PM

Rock critic Greil Marcus holds that Elvis' songs are simply a facade. But is there not a creative person behind the facade?


Is 'Glee' the New Elvis, Really?
23 May 2011 // 5:00 PM

There's all this buzz that Glee has passed Elvis Presley for the most Hot 100 hits in history. But does this really put that two-year old show on the same level as the King of Rock 'n' Roll? Really?


Dead Elvis, Money and Jesus
16 Nov 2016 // 5:15 AM

The very exciting life of the King since his death in 1977.

Elvis Presley: Way Down in the Jungle Room
8 Aug 2016 // 9:20 PM

Way Down in the Jungle Room is more than just yet another repackaging of the King’s work, instead showing how vital a performer Presley remained right up to the end.


Counterbalance No. 106: 'Elvis Presley'
9 Nov 2012 // 12:00 AM

The 106th most acclaimed album of all time saw us standing alone, without a dream in our hearts, without a love of our own. Go, cat, go read about the King’s 1956 debut album.

Elvis Is Still Dead: 10 (Mostly) Respectful Cultural Invocations of the King
17 Aug 2011 // 6:00 AM

Elvis was a hero to most... but that's beside the point. He has loomed as large as any other artist during the past few decades. Here are 10 examples of his enduring influence.


A Pop Music Milestone: The Beatles Meet Elvis
4 Aug 2015 // 5:30 AM

The Beatles had longed to meet Elvis Presley, one of their most influential rock and roll muses.

Elvis will live on — at least digitally
8 Jun 2012 // 2:05 AM

LOS ANGELES — Elvis is coming back from the dead, thanks to some digital wizardry. Digital Domain Media Group Inc., the Academy Award-winning studio that created

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'Steep' Loves Its Mountains

// Moving Pixels

"SSX wanted you to fight its mountains, Steep wants you to love its mountains.

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