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The Best Indie / International Films of 2011
12 Jan 2012 // 4:00 PM

The year's best independent and international films are highlighted by a duo from iconic director Werner Herzog, a staggeringly brilliant frontier-western and a score of top-notch documentaries that illustrate how filmmaking continues to reach new highs.

On Truth and Lies and the Full Frame Film Festival 2011
27 Apr 2011 // 5:00 PM

What is the connection between cloned puppies and a 32-year-old sex in chains story? This and other questions raised at this year’s Full Frame Film Festival.


The Tabloidization of Errol Morris
26 Jan 2012 // 4:00 PM

By the end of this film, the line dividing Tabloid from “the tabloids” thins to the point of imperceptibility.


With 'Gates of Heaven/Vernon, Florida', Errol Morris Flexed His Filmmaking Muscles
6 May 2015 // 10:10 PM

Gates of Heaven and Vernon, Florida both offer hints of the Errol Morris films to come, but are not essential on their own.

Which Is More Interesting in 'A Brief History of Time', His Ideas or Stephen Hawking Himself?
21 Apr 2014 // 2:00 AM

Errol Morris delivers an impressionistic take on a remarkable life that is perhaps more wondrous than it has any right to be.


An Absence of Evidence: 'The Unknown Known'
27 Nov 2013 // 4:00 AM

If there’s anybody who’s untroubled by the invasion of Iraq, it’s Donald Rumsfeld. Just ask him.

There's Nothing 'Standard' About this Documentary
26 Jun 2008 // 2:42 PM

As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. In the case of the horrifying images witnessed by the world as part


Meet the people behind Abu Ghraib photos
18 Jun 2008 // 9:53 PM

NEW YORK - The old saying claims a picture is worth a thousand words. But in his new documentary "Standard Operating Procedure," Oscar-winning filmmaker Errol

America's (possibly) greatest documentary filmmaker focuses on Abu Ghraib
21 May 2008 // 10:32 PM

Errol Morris is considered by many to be America's greatest documentary filmmaker. He won an Oscar for "The Fog of War" (2003), his portrait of former

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Treasuring Memories of Paul McCartney on 'One on One' Tour

// Notes from the Road

"McCartney welcomed Bruce Springsteen and Steven Van Zandt out for a song at Madison Square Garden.

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